Vehant Technologies X-Ray Baggage Scanners – A Must Have for Premise Security

Globalization has not only brought people together, it has also introduced extremism at our door steps. The storm of terrorism challenges the current trends of public safety. The places which are accessible to general public such as public transport system, temples, mosques and churches etc., are highly vulnerable in the hands of anti social elements who want to create an atmosphere of terror and social unrest. This gives rise to the need of identifying these malicious activities beforehand.

KritiScan 6040R 3D

Technology renders a solution in the form of X-ray scanning equipment which has come as a boon to the security staff making baggage scanning, and explosives and weapon detection a cake walk. Apart from security and surveillance, X-ray baggage scanning also plays a crucial role in anti-narcotics, keeping a check on illicit trading and smuggling at international and national borders, to name a few.

X-ray baggage scanner is a technological genius which smartly classifies the material scanned on the basis of its composition. It displays either black and white or colour images. The different colors reflected by the machine on the screen are determined by the atomic number of the materials scanned. This helps the operator to easily differentiate between the types of material inside the baggage such as metals, powder, plastic, liquid etc. The main challenge for the operators is to determine what is it that they are looking at, and color imaging helps them do that in a better way.

New technologies in X-ray baggage scanners

Traditional baggage scanners are based on X-ray attenuation tech nology whereby the detection of the threat objects relies on how various objects differently attenuate the X-ray beam going through them. But, in recent times this capability is enhanced by the use of dual-energy/ view X-ray scanners. Dual view technology produces two screening perspectives that enhance the operator’s ability to identify potential security threats with increased accuracy and speed. It generates a horizontal and vertical (multi-dimensional) view of the object under inspection, which helps in enhanced detection of contraband objects. It is a compact Xray baggage scanning system ideal for checkpoints and small baggage scanning at high security premises such as airports, government offices, railways, MRTS and other baggage scanning applications. Further, numerous optional features such as threat image projection (TIP), network supervisory workstation (NSW), and video management for effective operation can be linked with these new age X-ray baggage scanning systems.

Future X-ray baggage scanners

Technology has taken giant strides over the last few years, paving the way for innovations in every field. 3D and artificial intelligence (AI) are some of the new technologies which are rapidly driving changes in many domains like health-care, defence, architecture and entertainment (VR). However, the field of security and surveillance is still in its nascent phase in adopting these new technologies. One such example is the usage of 3D technology. X-ray baggage scanners have shown promising advances for enhanced inspection by providing extra visibility using 3D technology.

Vehant offerings

Vehant offers two promising X-ray baggage scanners with 3D technology – KritiScan™ 6040R and KritiScan™ 6040DV.

KritiScan™ 6040R provides highly accurate virtual images, with isometric view of the scanned baggage by generating three dimensional image of the object resulting into detailed images for enhanced detection capabilities. This enables the security and surveillance personal to view and inspect minute details in baggage scanning.

KritiScan™ 6040DV on the other hand has been designed and developed in tunnel size – 600(W)x400(H)mm2 . It uses innovative dual view technology to generate a horizontal and vertical view of the object under inspection. Dual view system provide multi-dimensional view of the save object which helps in enhanced detection of contraband objects. KritiScan offers numerous optional features such as threat image projection (TIP), network supervisory workstation (NSW) and video management for effective operation.

Technological advancement and standard industry practices have effectively managed to keep security threats at bay. However, it must also be borne in mind that technology is just an aid and in itself, it is a puppet in the hands of its operator. In order to ensure a full-proof security system, the credentials and track record of the equipment manufacturer must be cross verified. Moreover, the installed base of the equipment and service network of the OEM are some of the underlying factors that need to be taken into consideration while choosing and procuring security equipment.

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