CNL IPSecurityCenter™ V5.5

CNL Software has released IPSecurityCenter Version 5.5, which includes many performance and feature enhancements for large-scale and mission critical deployments of IPSecurityCenter for integrated, enterprise-wide situation management.

As the size, scale, and complexity of IPSecurityCenter deployments continue to increase, so does its scalability, subsystem and sensor compatibility, and accessibility. Enterprise customers, in particular, require performance and reliability, the flexibility to efficiently integrate existing and new systems and technology, and the convenience that Web and mobile applications provide to help them effectively manage risk and enforce compliance across the enterprise.

The latest version of IPSecurityCenter addresses a large number of PSIM system deployment challenges through features that include:

Federated hub & node architecture: IPSecurityCenter’s federated architecture enables interoperability between and across independent and often geographically distributed IPSecurityCenter systems, delivering information about alarms and devices and controlled access to system assets and data for other federated members, while ensuring local availability for critical sites. Security policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are managed centrally and published instantly across the enterprise, ensuring incidents are quickly identified and properly and consistently resolved, limiting organizational liability and compliance risk and reducing administrative costs.

Publishing: IPSecurityCenter is remotely deployable over regional, national, and global networks. New subsystem integrations, driver updates, and user interfaces are managed centrally, and published increasing conformity and reducing deployment and maintenance costs.

Enhanced plug-in framework: IPSecurityCenter features an enhanced capability to support built for purpose ‘plug-ins’ that use modern development capabilities without requiring wholesale updates to the underlying framework, ensuring that end user interfaces are always 100% fit for the purpose.

Maintenance management: IPSecurityCenter supports the health status and diagnosis of connected subsystem devices including CCTV cameras, access control equipment, vertical transportation systems, and supporting network and communications infrastructure. IPSecurityCenter also integrates with third-party service desk systems and supports the tracking and measurement of service level agreements. Integration of these technologies enables IPSecurityCenter to increase the uptime of connected systems and devices, enhances security posture, and reduces subsystem and equipment maintenance and sustainment costs.

Image scroller: Presents event-driven visual information in real-time with a graphical indication of event status. This allows operators to rapidly process large volumes of data to support faster decision making. For example, the system can be used to present employee ID photographs as they enter critical areas, or license plate images for violating vehicles.

Automated software upgrades: Lowers the total cost of IPSecurityCenter ownership by automatically delivering updated client software to each operator workstation computer, minimizing IT resource, administrative and maintenance and sustainment costs.

Geographic data: Whether dealing with threats detected by sensors such as radar and sonar or to reduce the risks of lone workers in hazardous environments, IPSecurityCenter plots and tracks people, vehicles, vessels, and GIS-enabled devices, and displays current and historic information.

Auditing and management data: IPSecurityCenter creates records of all operator activity to assist with regulatory compliance or corporate governance. This ensures that IPSecurityCenter can act as the single source of truth for all the connected sub-systems, reducing the time to access vital audit information.

“In total IPSecurityCenter V5.5 represents over a years’ worth of development effort that has delivered a product that contains major new functional areas designed to address the business challenges encountered by IPSecurityCenter users every day,” says Dave Taylor, Chief Product Manager at CNL Software, “IPSecurityCenter is in use at over 400 sites around the world. We will continue to invest heavily in developing the features that are required to address the growing needs of our customers and partners.”

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